Through this link you will find the official information from the French government concerning COVID19:

lien gouvernement covid

  • In view of the current situation, and the concern about COVID19, the chattonchatel castle is putting in place a clear and sure policy regarding the measures taken, and to be taken during the period of COVID19.

The establishment is open as soon as the deconfinement is announced, with a limited number of rooms, and reduced services.

We regret of course that we have to limit our offer, but everyone’s health is at stake.

The goal is to promote distance, the protection of customers and staff, but nevertheless to provide a quality of service that meets our criteria.

Rules and posting and staff training

The rules of distance (1 meter minimum) and barrier gestures, simple and effective, must be respected. The employer must ensure that the rules are actually followed, that soaps, gels, tissues are supplied and that garbage bags are available. Meetings should be limited to what is strictly necessary. Groupings of employees in small spaces must be limited. All non-essential trips must be canceled or postponed.

Signature of the charter of respect for its strict rules by the staff

Hand and Precautions Display

Receptionist job description

Housekeeper job sheet

Wearing the mask

Provision of hydro-alcoholic solution

Protocol for cleaning rooms and common premises.

Creation and display of a cleaning plan periodically and followed up with display of a time-stamped and signed passage sheet.

More particularly for all work surfaces, work equipment, door handles and buttons, payment areas, stair railings, equipment, more generally any object and surface likely to have been contaminated (in contact with hands), common and collective work equipment (coffee machines, photocopiers, etc.).

Customer rules

Reception by appointment

Room service order by phone only

Display of lockers in rooms

Prior information by email of the measures to each customer

Enter customers one by one

Room service, meals and breakfast.

One-way traffic in the establishment (entrances, exits)

Rules of life and barrier gestures

Furnished outdoor space.

Limitation of the number of occupied rooms.

Key / cards and documents drop-off area to avoid direct contact.

Payment recommended by bank transfer or if contactless cb or VAD (the staff enters the card numbers on the TPE without touching the customer’s card)

Installation of a rigid barrier or transparent plastic film 1 m. x 1 m.,

Sending invoices by e-mail or SMS.

Suspension of baggage custody service.

Suspension of paper newspapers.

If possible leave the doors open (reception, main door, common access, etc.)

Breakfast and meal trays are placed in front of the customer’s door.

Specific cancellation policy during COVID19

Any customer may cancel without a justified reason 48 hours in advance without charge, or immediately following government decisions.

If customers have already paid a deposit, they cannot be refunded but a voucher valid for 18 months will be given in exchange for cancellation.

The vouchers are not personal, so they can be offered.

If customers cannot return to the 18-month spa, the vouchers will be refunded free of charge.

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