Welcome to Hattonchatel Chateau

Every picture tells a story, no one can perfectly describe the beauty of which this authentic Chateau d`Hattonchâtel portrays. Perched high overlooking the Woüvre Valley, Hattonchâtel Chateau stands proud on the hillside with its gables, tall chimneys and its pointed towers.
We feel highly privileged to be able to offer our Chateau to you to host your exclusive wedding day, special anniversary, birthday celebration, weekend break, golf holiday , group holiday retreat, or your important gathering.

Situated in the region of Lorraine, in France

The chateau provides a perfect location situated in the region of Lorraine, in France. Just over an hour drive from Luxembourg, and approximately 3 hours from Paris, the perfect spot for a unique event.
We take pride in ensuring, that all special days at Hattonchåtel, are ones that your guests will write and talk about, for many years to come.

Hattonchatel Château in France boasts the magnificent “La Salle de Burgraves” which is a listed Hall by the French authorities. Many thousands of visitors flock to the castle every year to see with their own eyes the beauty of this masterpeace. Today , this grand dining Hall is open to the public as  Restaurant “Table de Chateau”

Authentic Chateau with pure gothic style

Once inside the grand entrance of the Château Hattonchâtel  one can feel the ambiance of the Chateau. The grounds cover 13500msq with views over the valley, in the center of the glorious gardens is an ornate fountain and flowing pond which is decorated for special occasions.

This authentic French Chateau has pure gothic style, room after room of original stone pillars with church style windows throwing natural light upon the grand dining room named La Salle de Burgraves. The rich tapestries and original Louise Cottin paintings help to soften the stone walls. At the far end of the magnificent dining room is a large open fireplace which beckons you to the relaxing sofas for a fireside nightcap. All bedrooms are extremely spacious, en-suite with victorian style baths, generous wardrobes space and dressing tables. The Bridal suite is located in the upper tower which can be adjoined to create a family room for four guests.
We welcome you to stay as our guest in a comfortable and authentic atmosphere with beautiful suites, dining room with an open fireplace, amazing valley views and surrounding gardens.

Opportunities at Hattonchatel Chateau

The restaurant

A gourmet dining experience at Hattonchâtel Château

French cuisine is considered to be one of the world’s most refined and elegant styles of cooking. The national cuisine known today has evolved from centuries of social and political change.

Local wines

Local wine from France


Hattonchatel Chateau has an exciting selection of events

For example an exclusive wine tasting at the chateau where you can enjoy a unique experience and savor the local french wines and its history.

The area and leisure activities

Perfect place if you want to get away from the stress of daily busy life

Hattonchâtel castle is the perfect place if you want to get away from the stress of daily busy life. Allow yourself to chill out, relax and pamper yourself in this exquisite and unique setting.